Modern residence on the Pelion slope

Location: Katohori, Portaria, Pelion, Greece

Project year: 2002-2005

A modern house on the slopes of Portaria “incorporates” creatively the new and stylish to the modest.


Nearby an idyllic gorge in the wider region of Portaria of Pelion the first thing that should be ensured was the access to the house. Following the traditional commands, a cobbled street was made that “had been hidden” deeply in the ground. The big bent of the ground indicated a three-storey house in the forward side and a two-storied behind. Any piece of rock revealed during the excavations was kept, as the main concern was not to degrade the natural form of the slope.

The orientation is southerner, with a view of Volos. The openings help to gaze at Pagasitikos from all the rooms of the house. The building creates a protective “embrace”, harmoniously included in the natural slope.

The stone house in front of the main volume of the building creates the veranda of sitting spaces of the ground floor. In this were created the auxiliary spaces, a guesthouse and a laboratory of the householder. The main entry is found in the intermediate level of the main volume that is essentially a three-part single space without internal doors, while the internal staircase leads to the bedrooms of the above floor, where an original and impressive conjunctive bridge has been constructed.

Traditional stones and a roof set with Pelion stones, obvious, cupreous spouts and frames manufactured from durable iroko (often the snow exceeds one metre in height and temperatures are very low), stone walls and exterior spaces with hard floorings from local stones, constitute the conjunctive links of the residence with the place and its culture.

A modern house on the slopes of Portaria “incorporates” creatively the new and stylish to the modest.